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Designed for the Magical Year Before Kindergarten

The Creative Curriculum for Pre-K was designed for and developed in partnership with educators across the nation. Create classrooms that vibrate with joy, all while preparing them for kindergarten.

  • Build an infrastructure for whole-child development.
  • Honor the way children learn best – through play.
  • Provide explicit Science of Reading and math instruction.
  • Support teachers with digital tools that save them time.
Print Resources

  • GOLD Objectives for Development and Learning, Birth Through Third Grade
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Teaching Guides (8)
  • Intentional Teaching Experiences (262 bilingual)
  • Mighty Minutes (135)
  • Children’s books (44)
  • Book Discussion Cards (16)
  • 3-Step Instruction Cards (21)
  • Photo Cards (175)
  • Letter Cards (52 English)
  • Phonogram Cards (31 English)
  • Numeral Cards (20)
  • Highlights High Five Bilingüe (8 sets of 5) and 8 Book Conversation Cards

Spanish Companion Kit (not for individual purchase, separate fee applies)

  • Children’s books (30)
  • 3-Step Instruction Cards (21)
  • Letter Cards (54)
  • Phonogram Cards (30)
  • Mighty Minutes (135)

The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Streamline planning, teaching, and family engagement anywhere, anytime, with 24/7 access to the full library of curriculum resources, in both English and Spanish; engaging, multimedia family-friendly playlists tied directly to classroom instruction; a Digital Children’s Library; and two-way communication with families.

  • Foundation volumes (7)
  • GOLD Objectives for Development and Learning, Birth Through Third Grade
  • Curriculum Guide
  • The Year Ahead
  • Teaching Guides (8)
  • Intentional Teaching Experiences (262 bilingual)
  • Digital Children’s Library with over 200 titles in English and Spanish with an interactive e-reader
  • Book Discussion Cards (16)
  • Book Conversation Cards (8)
  • Letters to Families (8)
  • Photo Cards (175)
  • 3-Step Instruction Cards (21)
  • Number Cards (20)
  • Phonogram Cards (31)
  • Letter Cards (52)
  • Guided Learning Experiences (262)
  • Family Mighty Minutes (300)
  • LearningGames (100)

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Professional Development

With the Teacher Membership, receive detailed guidance, support, and encouragement through a built-in online professional learning community; embedded microlearning; and flexible courses provided in a variety of formats, including all CDA and CCDF training.

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Address Each Child’s
Unique Needs

Differentiate instruction and prepare children for kindergarten with the only pre-K curriculum that outlines and provides insight into a child’s progress and development from birth to age 8, including those with disabilities. Create a classroom filled with experiences that honor children’s diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences as learners in a classroom community.

Explore Whole-Child eBook

Inspire Joyful Learning With
Hands-On, Play-Based Investigations

Spark discovery, inquiry, and curiosity through project-based investigation. Place children at the center of their own learning with hands-on exploration. Build the confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills essential for academic success.

hero of happy kindergarten children playing instruments while teacher oversees

Tackle the Science
of Reading in Pre-K

Prepare children for reading proficiency in third grade using our five easy-to-implement practices based on the science of reading’s five pillars.

  1. Promote functional literacy through studies.
  2. Play with pre-reading skills.
  3. Teach intentional literacy experiences.
  4. Offer meaningful book discussions.
  5. Inspire families with modeled literacy moments.

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Embracing the Science of Reading in
Early Childhood Classrooms

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Extend and Connect Learning From the Classroom Automatically

Send family-friendly playlists of videos, books, activities, and resources directly tied to what’s happening in your classroom to children’s families automatically, taking one thing off your to-do list. Further elevate the school-family partnership with two-way communication.

Support Every Pre-K Teacher, Every Step of the Way

Set every teacher up for success with resources, step-by-step guidance, embedded professional development, and a community of support—all in one place.

Build the foundation for Science of Reading success in your pre-K classroom.

More Reasons to Love The Creative Curriculum for Pre-K


Aligned to Early Learning Standards

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Our pre-K curriculum is aligned to early learning guidelines in each state and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, so you can demonstrate that your program is meeting all requirements while focusing on the needs of individual children.

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Head Start Alignments


Daily Experiences for
Language, Literacy, and Math

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Provide intentional daily experiences that ensure children are ready for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and academically.

A Culturally and Linguistically
Responsive Approach

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Use materials that are transadapted, not just translated, to support the unique background and needs of multilingual learners.

Go Beyond a Translation


Pre-K Teachers’ Needs at Heart

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Our team of early childhood educators honors your voice and listens to your needs to inform every decision we make.

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Part of our Connected
Ecosystem for Early Childhood

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Build the foundation for success for each child by connecting content, tools, data, and support of the highest quality through the leading early learning platform.

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Unmatched Innovation and Impact

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Our solutions are grounded in over 45 years of research on early childhood best practices and our unrivaled impact on the field of early childhood education.

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Pre-K FAQs

How does this curriculum differ from The Creative Curriculum for Preschool?

This curriculum was designed for the year before kindergarten. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is designed for children ranging from ages 3 to 5, whether they are in mixed age classroom settings or by age group.

How is this different than other pre-K curriculum options?

The Creative Curriculum for Pre-K is the only curriculum designed for and developed in partnership with educators and leaders across the nation, ensuring it meets the needs of teachers, children, and their families. The curriculum’s studies allow children to learn about topics they might experience as part of their everyday life, and allows their families to engage with their learning, and make every day occurrences, like a trip to the grocery store, an opportunity to share their learning. It is also the only pre-K curriculum with progressions of learning from birth through third grade allowing you to both observe, document, and individualize learning for children of all interests and ability levels.

How does the curriculum support teachers?

Embedded within daily instruction are video examples modeling activities in actual classrooms. Our smart set of planning and teaching tools allow teachers to plan for the entire year in a few simple clicks and pull up those plans as they teach, make modifications, and much more, including access to our Teacher Membership which provides ongoing, 24/7 support, on-demand courses, virtual sessions, all courses to meet the CDA and CCDF certification and a PLC of nearly 100K educators and experts.

Where is the language, literacy, and mathematics?

A dedicated time of day for each of these areas is included, along with read-alouds, and a four-step approach to literacy development ensuring children are prepared for academic success in kindergarten.

Does The Creative Curriculum for Pre-K support children with disabilities?

Yes. The curriculum prepares educators to best support all children, including those with disabilities. It implements a Universal Design for Learning teaching approach, which enables children with special needs to learn autonomously and demonstrate their skills.

Does The Creative Curriculum for Pre-K support multilingual learners?

Yes. Not only does the curriculum provide materials in both English and Spanish, but it also adapts the meanings across cultures, making them understandable for all children. The study topics reflect real-life experiences, such as going to the grocery store and eating dinner with the family, which are relatable for young children regardless of where they live. Books in the Digital Children’s Library also feature diverse characters that children can learn from and read. And, additional, embedded guidance and support resources are included daily for teachers.

smiling teacher with children playing a percussion instrument

Inspire a Love for Learning and Prepare Each Child for Success

Select a prekindergarten curriculum that is easy for teachers and create classrooms children love coming to every day.

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