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A comprehensive curriculum for 2-year-olds

The Creative Curriculum for Twos incorporates meaningful learning activities into daily routines and provides intentional support for their caregivers. Our curriculum is research-based and top-rated to support teachers and families.

  • engages families as children make this transition from home to school
  • supports teachers as they build children’s foundation for school readiness
  • supports the unique needs of 2-year-olds
Print Resources

The Foundation

  • 3 Foundation Volumes (print and digital)
    • Volume 1: The Foundation
    • Volume 2: Routines and Experiences
    • Volume 3: Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade
  • Getting Started Guide (print and digital)

Daily Resources

  • 10 Teaching Guides (print and digital)
    • Containers
    • Shoes
    • Brushes
    • Light
    • Rocks
    • Bags
    • Clothes
    • Seats
    • Balls
    • Paper
  • Intentional Teaching Experiences (201 bilingual, in print and digital)
  • Mighty Minutes (300 in digital, 200 in print)
  • Highlights Hello, Classroom Set (36 issues, print only)
  • 36 Book Conversation Cards (print and digital)
  • Highlights Hello Family Sets (2 sets; 48 issues total; 24 English / 24 Spanish in print only)
  • The Creative Curriculum LearningGames (digital only)
  • Teaching Strategies Resource Organizer

The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Streamline planning, teaching, and family engagement anywhere, anytime, with 24/7 access to the full library of curriculum resources, in both English and Spanish, and two-way communication with families.

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Professional Development

With the Teacher Membership, receive detailed guidance, support, and encouragement through a built-in online professional learning community; embedded microlearning; and flexible courses provided in a variety of formats, including all CDA and CCDF training.

Incorporate Meaningful Learning Experiences Into Daily Routines

Everyday moments with 2-year-olds present opportunities to build upon their natural curiosity. Create meaningful interactions that help young children learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors, participate in a group, develop relationships with people in their lives, and have confidence in their own learning.

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Focus on Intentional Caregiving

Utilize resources designed specifically to support the unique demands of each day in a twos program. Teachers and caregivers can provide children with the opportunity to develop secure attachments through developmentally appropriate resources that allow them to gain confidence as learners.

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Address the Unique Needs, Interests, and Abilities of All Children

Every child is different, so it’s no surprise that they learn differently, too. Easily meet an 2-year-old exactly at their level, including those with disabilities, with a unique color-coded progression that shows the typical development of a skill from birth through third grade.

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A Curriculum That Helps You Nurture Everyday Moments for the Youngest Learners

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Teach Smarter, Not Harder

Discover smart tools for responsive planning and meaningful engagement with every child and family. Designed to work for you, The Creative Curriculum Cloud streamlines planning, teaching, and engagement so you can focus on the important work with children that no technology could ever replace.

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Boost Teacher Confidence and Joy

Equip teachers with flexible professional development in a variety of formats, including embedded microlearning and a built-in online professional learning community with over 81,000 active early childhood educators. With guidance, support, and encouragement for effective implementation, teachers feel confident creating joyful learning experiences for every child.

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A sample of curriculum from The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

Spark Curiosity With Investigative Learning for Twos

Give 2-year-old children the freedom to explore the world around them with developmentally appropriate project-based learning. Arm your teachers with resources designed specifically for two-year-olds.

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[This curriculum] has allowed my teachers to provide meaningful and engaging activities in their classrooms. It provides components teachers can use to ensure they are reaching the whole child, including social–emotional skills, cognitive skills, language, and physical development. The Creative Curriculum Cloud was a great addition for my teachers and parents.
Michael Truesdale
School Director, Educare of Washington, D.C.

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Support the Whole Child From the Start

Our whole-child approach delivers academic rigor alongside social–emotional development, cognitive development, and meaningful interactions—inside the classroom and at home.

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Research-Based. Field-Proven.

Our 2-year-olds curriculum is grounded in knowledge of child development and the latest theory and research from the field to be appropriate for all children.

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Aligned to Your Early Learning Standards

Our curriculum is aligned to early learning guidelines in each state and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

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Unique Support for Twos

Introduce 2-year-olds to hands-on study explorations, while still maintaining responsive routines and caregiving.

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Everyday moments are what make your work truly special.

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of the very young children in your care and their families with The Creative Curriculum for Twos.

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