A Comprehensive TK Curriculum

Build a bridge from preschool to kindergarten with a hands-on, play-based, and developmentally appropriate transitional kindergarten curriculum that nurtures children’s curiosity and promotes development and learning in every area that is critical to their school’s success by

  • respecting and nurturing individual skill progression for the whole child,
  • harnessing the power of play and hands-on investigation,
  • creating a culturally and linguistically responsive learning environment,
  • building powerful partnerships with families, and
  • empowering teachers with intentional support when and where they need it.
Print Resources

The Foundation

  • 7 Foundation Volumes (1 in print and 7 digital)
    • Volume 1: The Foundation
    • Volume 2: Interest Areas
    • Volume 3: Social–Emotional, Physical & Cognitive
    • Volume 4: Language & Literacy
    • Volume 5: Mathematics
    • Volume 6: Science and Technology, Social Studies & the Arts
    • Volume 7: Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade
  • Curriculum Guide (in print and digital)

Daily Resources

  • 8 Teaching Guides (in print and digital)
    • The First Six Weeks
    • Percussion Instruments
    • Architecture
    • Grocery Store
    • Seeds
    • Cameras
    • Light
    • Getting Ready for Kindergarten
  • Intentional Teaching Experiences (262 bilingual, in print and digital)
  • Mighty Minutes (300 in digital, 135 in print)
  • Children’s Book Collection and 16 Book Discussion Cards (more than 200 digital, 44 in print)
  • Highlights High Five Bilingüe™ (8 sets of 5 in print) and 8 Book Conversation Cards™ (in print and digital)
  • 3-Step Instruction Cards (21 in print and digital)
  • Photo Cards (175 in print and digital)
  • Letter Cards (52 in English, 54 in Spanish, in print and digital)
  • Phonogram Cards (More than 30 in English and Spanish, in print and digital)
  • Numeral Cards (20 in print and digital)

The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Digital access to all curriculum resources, powerful planning tools, seamless communication, family-friendly resources, embedded micro-learning, and a professional learning community, all in one place.

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Professional Development

With the Teacher Membership, receive detailed guidance, support, and encouragement through a built-in online professional learning community; embedded microlearning; and flexible courses provided in a variety of formats, including all CDA and CCDF training.

Individualize Learning Experiences

Prepare all TK children for kindergarten with the only TK curriculum that outlines and provides insight into a child’s progress and development from birth to age 8, including those with disabilities.

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Inspire Joyful Learning With
Hands-On, Play-Based Investigations

Create joy and encourage discovery, inquiry, and curiosity through project-based investigations that place 4-year-olds at the center of their own learning. These hands-on experiences built the confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills essentially for academic success in CA.

hero of happy kindergarten children playing instruments while teacher oversees

Connect the Classroom to Home Automatically

Take one thing off your to-do list with family-friendly playlists of videos, books, activities, and resources directly tied to what’s happening in your classroom. Send playlists automatically through our family app, where teachers and families can also communicate back and forth.

Support Every TK Teacher,
Every Step of the Way

Give teachers back the gift of time with resources, step-by-step guidance, embedded professional development, and a community of support—all in one place.

A Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Approach

Use materials that are transadapted, not just translated, to support the unique backgrounds and needs of multilingual learners.

Go Beyond a Translation

More Reasons to Love
The Creative Curriculum for TK

Aligned to CA Preschool Learning Foundations

View California State Alignment


Daily Experiences for
Language, Literacy, and Math

Provide intentional daily experiences that ensure children are ready for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and academically.


Centering CA TK Teachers’ Needs

Our team of early childhood educators honor your voice and listen to your needs to inform every decision we make.

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Part of Our Connected
Ecosystem for Early Childhood

Build the foundation for success for each child by connecting content, tools, data, and support of the highest quality through the leading early learning platform.

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Explore what transitional kindergarten is, the rollout and timelines, the materials leaders and teachers are looking for, and the credentials required for teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten designed for?

The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten is designed for 4-year-old children

Is your TK curriculum aligned to California state guidelines?

Yes, The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten is aligned to the California Preschool Learning Foundations.

Is your TK curriculum suitable for children with disabilities?

Yes, our TK curriculum was designed to provide meaningful, individualized, and developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children with disabilities. The Creative Curriculum provides multiple means to modify and adapt instruction to support children with disabilities and contains a searchable library of resources to support all children, including those who may have language, speech, physical, or developmental delays.

Does The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten include focused daily instruction for language, literacy, and mathematics?

Yes. The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten includes dedicated times of days for developing language, literacy, and mathematical skills, along with other activities to nurture the whole child.

Does The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten include instruction based on the science of reading?

Yes. The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten includes explicit instruction based on the science of reading.

Is The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten culturally and linguistically responsive to support multilingual learners?

Yes, all materials within The Creative Curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten are transadapted, not just translated, to support the unique backgrounds and needs of multilingual learners.

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Trust Your TK Classroom to the Early Childhood Leader

Make the transition to kindergarten easier for children and support teachers to create classrooms children love coming to every day.

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