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Top 6 Reasons to Love our ALL-NEW
Toddler Curriculum


Granular skills aligned to the objectives of development and learning capture rapid progress


Entry screener identifies child’s developmental stage and directly feeds Individualized Child Plans


Ongoing guided assessment dynamically updates Individualized Child Plans and sets GOLD preliminary levels


Pre-populated weekly plans and care routines save teachers time


Distinct age-targeted curriculum focuses exclusively on toddler development


Deeply integrated digital and print experience

First-of-its-kind solution

Our connected toddler curriculum and guided assessment solution provides teachers with personalized learning plans to individualize every child’s experience every day.

Daily & Digital Resources

Daily Resources 

  • 3 Teaching Guides (4 months per guide)
  • Curriculum Guide
  • Skill Development Card Organizer
  • Skills for toddlers booklet
  • Skill Development Cards
    • Toddlers: 366 cards; age range 12-27 months
  • 12 baby-proof, easy-to-clean books by Barefoot Books
  • 50 age-appropriate Photo Cards
  • Foundation Volumes (digital only)

Digital Resources 

  • Pre-populated plans in Teaching Guides, The Creative Curriculum Cloud, and the Teaching Strategies Teacher App
  • 12 months of curriculum content
  • Weekly plans with 6 distinct times of day
  • Weekly Family Playlists
  • Age-based care routine strategies designed to support relationship-building during these important moments
  • Dynamic Individual Child Plans optimized for mobile delivery but also offered via The Creative Curriculum Cloud
  • Guided assessment and progress monitoring

The Creative Curriculum Cloud

Provides customizable planning and smart teaching tools, digital access to curriculum resources, resources for engaging families, embedded microlearning, and more

The Teaching Strategies Teacher Mobile App

Includes routines, curricular experiences, and guided assessment—everything you need in the moment at your fingertips

Professional Development Teacher Membership

Includes online professional learning community of 75K educators; hundreds of embedded microlearning videos; and flexible courses provided in a variety of formats, including all CDA and CCDF training

Individualizing instruction—as easy as 1, 2, 3

Support the unique needs of
toddlers in more depth than ever before

Track and celebrate toddlers’ rapid growth

Validated Ireton skills adapted and aligned to the objectives for development and learning ensure more discreet observations and individualized support during this critical period of development.

Easily nurture every toddler based on where they are

The seamlessly connected curriculum and guided assessment experience provides teachers with data-informed recommended experiences to help them truly individualize learning for every child based on where they are in their development.

Save teachers time with pre-populated plans

Teaching Guides include 12 monthly themes, pre-populated weekly plans, and care routine strategies, allowing teachers to focus on what matters most—building deep connections with children.

Support teachers every step of the way

Set teachers up for success with step-by-step guidance, embedded professional development, and a community of support—all in one place.

Transform the classroom experience for our youngest learners with The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers.

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