Simplifying the Drug Test.

In toxicology testing, one size does not fit all. In an industry where regulations change often, our goal is to help our clients use science and technology in ways that make sense for their needs within the parameters of industry standards.


The Science of toxicology studies the effects of drugs and chemicals on living organisms. Toxicology testing measures those effects on the body. For our clients, this means they determine the presence of a substance as well as the quantity, time of ingestion and history of intake. The goal is to obtain a well-rounded picture of a substance’s interaction with the human body.


An important factor in toxicology is the testing matrix. Each matrix offers unique information about drug ingestion and provides a targeted view of a patient’s medication use. For that reason, our laboratories offers a full service of matrices for toxicology testing including urine, blood, oral fluid and hair. This allows us to provide the right kind of test for each client and affords flexibility to clients in how they obtain samples.

Toxicology testing is extremely valuable to a variety of audiences, including:

• Healthcare providers who prescribe chronic pain medications and monitor treatment plans
• Businesses that conduct pre-employment screening
• Clinical laboratories in need of outside toxicology testing support and validation

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