Prevention is the Key to Wellness.

Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

Most doctor visits are about treatment of aches and pains, but our Annual Wellness Visit software program is all about prevention. Our innovative application-based system provides a streamlined solution for performing the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV), the Welcome to Medicare exam (WTM), and all Medicare preventative services.

Our innovative system makes performing the Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) easy, efficient, and effective. The system is a turnkey solution addressing the three components of the AWV – the health risk assessment, the doctor consultation, and the patient’s Personalized Prevention Plan. The system can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow scenario, adjusting to fit the specific needs of your practice.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

When CMS began reimbursing for Chronic Care Management on January 1, 2015 primary care providers jumped on board to take advantage of increased reimbursements.  However, since this initial rush, CCM participation has waned due to the burdens of increased patient care and documentation required.  The infrastructure to maintain these programs and patient contacts to meet the level of care required was insurmountable for many private practitioners ultimately causing them to abandon efforts to provide and code for these increased reimbursements.

Our turn-key solution decreases the barrier of this enormous opportunity cost.  Integrate Paradigm’s streamlined CCM process in your practice today!

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