Improve compliance. Improve patient care.

For years, healthcare providers have searched for ways to increase their income, improve patient care, and reduce recovery time. We accomplish this by providing a unique and complete in-office pharmacy program.


Save Time. Let’s face it, the last thing any patient wants to do when they leave the doctor’s office is fight traffic and drive across town to pick up their medications from the pharmacy. Now, your patients can receive their medications directly from you!

Save Money. Your patients will save money in gas and time off of work by not having to drive and spend an extra hour simply to fill the prescription which you told them they need. Now, they simply pay you the cash (uninsured, Medicare Part B patients) at a price less than what they normally pay at the pharmacy, or they pay a co-pay (insured, Medicare Part D, Medicaid patients), like they pay at the pharmacy.


Improve Compliance. Did you know that 38% of patients never fill prescriptions? Faster recovery and greater compliance with medication therapy are just a few ways Pharmacy benefits your patients.

Improve Patient Care. You can now dispense medications directly to your patients quickly and easily. You will have knowledge at your fingertips not currently available, such as if the patient has received a medication within the past 25 days at any pharmacy nationwide, or are receiving medications which could have a potential adverse affect to what you are currently prescribing.


Reduce Time. Eliminate most pharmacy phone calls and faxes and save time by dispensing directly to the patient.

Who qualifies?

Any healthcare provider who prescribes medications to patients may be eligible for our pharmacy service where state laws permit.

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